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How to Decide Between Cabinet Pulls and Cabinet Knobs

Knobs vs. Handles: How to Choose

With so many different styles of cabinet hardware to choose from, it's a wonder anyone arrives at a final decision. From selecting a style, to choosing a finish, to deciding on a specific pattern, to determining exactly how and where to place the kitchen cabinet hardware, there are so many steps in the decision-making process. However, much like wearing clothing or jewelry that reflects your own personality, installing decorative cabinet hardware is a great way to exhibit your flair and individuality, and should be viewed as an integral part of the design or redecorating process.

Perhaps the easiest way to start narrowing down your hardware options is to decide whether you want cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls. Either type of hardware will significantly enhance the look of your cabinetry. The decision is a personal one, and is based understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both cabinet hardware knobs and cabinet pulls. Once this answer is behind you, you will have more time to spend on finding the cabinet knob or cabinet pull that is perfect for your space.

One of the first things to consider when choosing between knobs and pulls is the existing decor of the room. To make their decision as easy as possible, many people prefer to install cabinet hardware that complements their door hardware. Specifically, those with a doorknob favor cabinet knobs, and those with door handles choose cabinet pulls. There is, however, no definite decorating rule in this regard. In fact, those who really cannot decide between knobs and pulls may elect to install both. They can use kitchen cabinet knobs on the cabinetry and drawer pulls on the bottom drawers, or vice versa.

Cabinet knobs offer certain stylistic advantages that pulls can generally not provide. Many years ago, cabinet hardware knobs were simply round pieces of plastic, metal or wood attached to a door to make opening easier. Today, cabinet knobs can be found in thousands of shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Those aiming for a look of classic elegance that never goes out of style can consider innumerable varieties and variations of the brass cabinet knob. For a knob with a hint of old world style, an antique cabinet knob is a dramatic choice. Such a knob, available in a huge array of finishes and colors, will dress up the cabinetry and add a distinct look.

In contrast to knobs, cabinet pulls are slightly more limited in the styles and patterns that they can offer. Nevertheless, cabinet pulls can be found in square styles, rounded patterns and squiggles, among other forms. The design of the handle can also be influenced by its shape, whether it's flat, curved, dangling from a backplate, or cupped. Using a brass cabinet pull will dress up the look of old cabinetry with its gold hue and its shiny finish. A bronze cabinet pull is often best with a modern kitchen, as it usually has bold, modern lines and a strong brown hue. With their elongated form, cabinet pulls are often preferred by those seeking a more graceful or sophisticated look. Unlike knobs, pulls facilitate use of the entire hand when opening a drawer or cabinet, which many consider a more comfortable sensation. In addition, since they are attached in two places, pulls also offer additional strength and durability for pulling out heavy drawers.

Cabinet hardware knobs and pulls are investments in your space that will last you for years to come. Choosing decorative hardware that you love will enable you to enjoy your room each time you enter it. So don't be discouraged by the overabundance of choices: consider it a wonderful way to add your own touch to the room and have fun making decisions

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Internet Shopping in Bloomfield CT
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