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Switch Plates: Tell Me, Which One Do I Need?!

Looking to update your home with a simple but effective switch? Light switch covers and other switch plates are quick, easy and attractive ways to improve a room or area without putting in a whole lot of time, energy or cash. Not sure how to tell the difference between a toggle switch plate and the man on the moon? Here are a few questions we're frequently asked about switch plates.

FAQ's About Light Switch Configuration

Toggle Switch
Toggle Switch
What Is A Toggle Switch? A toggle switch is the standard light switch that sticks out of the wall and can be moved up and down to turn appliances or lights on and off. Use a toggle switch plate for a single toggle light switch. Toggle switch plate covers come in single or double light switch configurations, as well as multiple and combination options.
What Is A Rocker Switch? A rocker switch (also known as a paddle switch) is another kind of light switch that is used to turn fans, lights or appliances on and off. This is a flat panel that can be pressed in on top or bottom to turn the item on or off. Use a rocker switch plate for this configuration. Rocker switch plate covers are available in single or double light switch options. You can also get a toggle/rocker switch plate combo if your electrical setup requires this configuration. Rocker Switch
Rocker Switch
Cable Wall Plate
Cable Wall Plate
What Is A Cable Switch Plate? A cable switch plate is used to cover up a cable cord usually for TV or satellite connections. You can also get other utility switch plates such as a phone jack, ground fault or data jack wall plate.
Duplex Wall Plate
Duplex Wall Plate
What Is A Duplex Wall Plate? A duplex wall plate is a wall outlet cover, (an outlet is a place where you can plug in appliances, lamps and other devices that need to be plugged into a wall socket). These outlet covers come with room for two plugs, one on top of the other, and double duplex outlet covers are available as well. A double duplex is an outlet cover with four plug spaces.
What if I have a light switch and an outlet together or a double light switch? Can I get a combination switch plate cover? Yes! You can get a light switch and outlet cover for a variety of configurations including toggle light switch and outlet covers or rocker switch covers combined with an outlet cover.

What If I Have A Dimmer Switch? While we don't carry these, standard dimmer switch plates can accommodate dimmer switches as well.

Light Switch
Light Switch

FAQ's About Light Switch Cover Usage

What Is A Blank Switch Plate For? A blank switch plate can be used to customize your switch plate options to exactly fit your needs. Alternatively, use a blank switch plate to cover up an unused, dead or dormant electrical outlet or an unsightly hole or imperfection in your wall. Unruly wiring and unfinished holes can be a real eyesore in your home. In addition, exposed wiring can be a real safety hazard if you have small children or pets in your home. With the help of a decorative blank switch plate, you can hide these problems away and out of sight. Choose from our collection, and even your concealers can coordinate with your room decor. Blank Plates
Blank Plates

Why Should I Use Decorative Switch Plates? The main purpose of a switch plate is to cover the hole and electrical wiring coming out of your wall. Once you're taking the twelve seconds (approximate time range) to replace your switch plates, why not add a little style to the room? Decorative switch plate covers give you fashion and function in one. Choose a theme that will set the tone for a new room design, or select decorative switch plates in an attractive finish to match with a preexisting color palette. You will be amazed at the difference a small detail like this can make to a room.

How Do I Use My Switch Plates? A switch plate cover is easy to use. Choose the right configuration based on the descriptions above, and select the style that best suites your taste and home decor. We have a range of finishes and designs, so don't settle for mediocre. Once you've found your perfect match, simply unscrew your current switch plate covers, replace with your new decorative switch plates and tighten the screws.

From configuration to usage, we hope this article has answered all your questions about light switch covers. Feel free to browse our selection of switch plate covers on your own, or contact our friendly customer service representatives for more information and assistance. Which switch plate will you choose to bring new life to your home today?


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Internet Shopping in Bloomfield CT
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