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Green Color Combinations To Make Your Home Pop

In honor of St Patrick's Day, we're featuring green color schemes. The Irish's iconic color is green, and is it any wonder why? The fresh, deep color reminds us of nature, life and prosperity. There's a whole lot more to this color than just typecasts and associations, though. Let's take a closer look at what a green color scheme can do, and what it might look like in your home.

Within the color spectrum, green is the most comfortable shade on the eyes. In fact, green tones have a restful effect on people, and studies have shown that green backdrops can even reduce fatigue. So that calming sense you get when you're surrounded by lush greenery or are in a room well decorated in sage is actually produced by the color itself. Of course, the intensity of the shade will alter your reaction, but overall, green is a calming color and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the home to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere. Here's how.

Slick Cube
Slick Cube

Irish Pride:

If you're looking for that bold and bright green that will make the Irish proud, try some of these color combinations. (Use some of these cabinet knobs for a dark green color scheme.)

  • British racing green is a rich, deep green, as is cadmium green and Dartmouth. These bold and beautiful hues will look excellent against a white contrast.
  • Tropical rain forest green works well with browns, mimicking the outdoors. Vary the browns, and be sure to add in a light shade so the overall appearance isn't too dark and somber.
  • If you like intense, but don't want dark, try a lime green color scheme. Combined with other summer accents like bright yellows, whites and perhaps a subtle gray for simple sophistication, this friendly shade will brighten up a room, adding pizzazz and personality.
  • These greens are too bold to repeat on the walls. Instead, try color combinations or lighter shades. For example, go with a nice sage wall paint. Accent with a neutral color to close up the green color scheme seamlessly.
  • Green Ceramic Knob
    Green Ceramic Knob

Middle Road Green Decor:

Like green but don't need the entire neighborhood knowing it? Here are some calmer color combinationsthat still get the job done.

  • Many people looking for a middle of the road palette will combine various shades of green within the room through wall art, accessories or flooring to create a pleasant and personalized light green color scheme.
  • Hunter green, teal and forest green are milder than the stark shades from above, but will look great with all of the neutrals mentioned.
  • Adding green to any of the following will make a lovely color combination: bronze, cocoa, gray, beige, cream, mocha or khaki. Give it a try.
  • Yellow green is a brighter, friendlier shade that will look great in a bathroom, kitchen or airy bedroom. Combine with white and soft shades of yellow or add in another shade of green for a unique and refreshing color scheme.
  • Shamrock green is a nice in between shade and can go in several directions. Combine with creams or whites and grays for a cleaner look or mix brown tones for a warmer color combination. Medium sea green works well with this same combo.
  • Here are a few more ideas for a medium light green color scheme.
  • Pine green is a good shade to try with magenta if you want to dabble in that daring color combination. Because it is mild, it will subdue the bolder magenta. Add a bright white to give the whole scheme some stability and light.
  • Olive is a dull, deep green that is very popular. It can look great as an accent on trimmings, cabinet hardware, and curtains. Alternatively, olive green can be a great wall paint color if you have a lot of white in the room.
  • Kelly green is a solid green that doesn't overpower. Use with wood floors and white accents for a clean, comfortable look. Emerald and apple green can also work this scheme.
  • Glazed Green Knob
    Glazed Green Knob

    Round Ottoman
    Round Ottoman

Tamer, Not Lamer Green Color Schemes:

Of course, if you like the flavor of green decorating, but don't want the intensity, try a more muted green color combination such as sage, mint, spruce, asparagus, or fern. Because these are milder green color schemes, you can repeat the same shade on the walls for a continuous appearance. Color combinations could include two neutrals such as white and beige or one neutral and a limited amount of a more striking color. This can be through accent pieces, decorative boarders, piping or other trims, and similar detail-oriented additions.

  • Sage color schemes and other light greens are often used in shabby chic decorating as they contribute to the tone it tries to create.
  • Sea green is a brighter light green and will produce a nice, fresh atmosphere while still adding plenty of color. Add some white and mint to this light green color scheme, and you have a positively pleasant room decor.
  • Pistachio is a lovely, soft shade of green that will look great in a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Use as an accent in the kitchen as well. Combine with light neutrals, and compliment with a darker accent color.
  • Pale green is another soft green that you can couple with pink and white (throw in a dab of brown too if you'd like) for an adorable baby girl nursery motif. Of course this color combination can be used in other rooms as well.
  • Lemon yellow and other cheery colors will compliment a pale green, as will more serious neutrals, lilac and softer shades of blue.
  • Neon green is going to really make your home pop. Combine with other shades of green, yellow and white for a spring festival of rebirth and rejuvenation.
  • Mint, moss, mantis and asparagus are all lighter greens that can work with the examples given above.
  • Black is another great color combination for green color schemes. It has a more striking impression than the other neutrals, though, so should only be combined with softer greens (unless you are going for that Green Lantern motif).

  • Mint Pull
    Mint Pull

    Green Glass Knob
    Green Glass Knob

General Green Color Scheme Tips:

  • Dark colors generally look better in larger rooms since they absorb the light.
  • If you're nervous to jump in, start out small with maybe the curtains and some throw pillows. A rug is also a good way to slowly incorporate a new color into a room.
  • Blue can be used as a contrast as well, but it needs to be combined with an ample amount of a clean neutral such as white or cream.
  • While magenta or red are the technical complementary colors (according to the color wheels), most people find these color combinations too loud for a full-blown room decor. If these colors are on your top tens, you can certainly play around with various shades of green coupled with your favorite red or purple-based hue. A soft purple can look absolutely picturesque with the right greens.
  • Crystal glass cabinet hardware tinted green and green marble offer a classier alternative to some of the standard cabinet knobs and pulls.
  • Wood looks great with most any green (most any color in fact). Wooden floors will go a long way with these color schemes.
  • And of course, don't forget to incorporate lots of plants!
  • Dark Green Knob
    Dark Green Knob

Green color schemes can help you introduce the lovely natural vibe that comes along with this peaceful color into your home. So what's your 'going green' flavor?


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